SEM Prices

What is an SEM?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the new-age marketing technique that is most widely used by most modern-day companies to promote their websites. In common terms, it aims to increase a website’s visibility in various SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages through intelligent and effective advertising.

An SEM may also use the facilities provided by an SEO or Search Engine Optimization in which a website’s content is rewritten or optimized so that the site automatically appears higher up when the site content is searched for. It might also use the other online marketing technique of pay-per-click listings.

Why SEM?

For the last few years, SEM has developed as the most preferred line of advertising for most companies. In fact, even as of now, it is the fastest-growing mode of advertising than the other traditional ones like print media, television, etc. In fact, in current times, Search Engine marketing is even ahead of other online marketing channels.

Why should you choose Bigseo Toronto over other SEM Companies?

In today’s world, people wish to conduct business at the speed of thought. At the same time, considerations of pricing need to be taken care of. In other words, there needs to be an optimization between quality and pricing. It is here that we at the Bigseo Toronto score a big high. In fact, we are almost at the very bottom of the price tags for the SEOs.

One of the reasons why we are able to keep the costs low is that we do all the backlinking and the other content optimization works ourselves. This work is not outsourced as in other SEO Companies. In fact, some of the SEO Organizations also pay different other SEO Companies to rant their own websites. This is not the case with us since all the SEM-related work here is done directly by us.

Other than completely stopping all outsourcing, we have also managed to cut costs through other modes so that we may pass on the savings directly to you, our clients. We have not invested in fancy offices, in paying huge salaries to sales representatives, or in useless or redundant overhead expenditure. We have in fact, also streamlined and optimized our operational expense so that the end-user, that is you, saves money in coming to us.

SEM Prices

Secrets that you should know on how the process of making SEO Services is made affordable

Below are some of the things that you, being an Internet Advertiser, should know so that you are well placed in terms of negotiating on your terms and conditions.

It is a very easy job to rank geo-keyword terms. In fact, ranking is quite easy if your onsite SEO is completed correctly and you follow a strict SEO blueprint.

Do not let terms like whitehat/ blackhat that are commonly used by other SEO Companies scare you. It is all very simple. Come to us and we will explain the entire process to you.

Do not be fooled by other SEO companies when they charge you for some of the SEO services that are actually free.

Last but not the least, we at Bigseo Toronto would definitely encourage you to check out other options before deciding that our services are the best.

SMO Packages Plans

Minimum Contract Period

  • Cost Per Month
  • 4 Months
  • Let’s Go!

Facebook Promotion

  • Facebook Account & Fan Page Set up
  • Posts Per Month
  • Cover Photo
  • Facebook Groups (Join & Network)
  • New Likes per month
  • Facebook Ads

LinkedIn Promotion

  • LinkedIn Account Set up
  • Posts Per Month
  • Cover Photo
  • LinkedIn Groups (Join & Network)
  • New Followers per Month
  • LinkedIn Ads

Twitter Promotion

  • Twitter Account Setup
  • Posts Per Month
  • Background Photo
  • New Followers per Month

Google Plus Promotion

  • Google + Account Setup
  • Posts Per Month
  • Cover Photo

Pinterest Promotion

  • Pinterest Account Setup
  • Sourcing of Pin Board Content
  • Pinboard Updates


  • Monthly Account Activity Reports
  • Google Analytics Social Reports


Account Maintenance & Performance Review Calls


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  • Minimum Contract Period
  • 3 Months
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