Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce and Shopping Cart Development at Cliqued Media

Ecommerce or Electronic Commerce is a comparatively new-age invention. It is a fast-growing Industry where the advertisements and the selling of products and services can be done over the electronic medium like the Internet or other computer networks.

Ecommerce thereby has zero or minimum human physical intervention. It can also be considered to be linked to the selling side of the bigger business of e-Business.

What is a Shopping Cart?

In the literal sense, a shopping cart is a wheeler or trolley in which goods purchased by buyers may be carried to the payment counter and then over to the exit. Transferred to the world of eCommerce, it refers to a virtual trolley where goods purchased on the internet may be stored for payment and further delivery.

The connection between Ecommerce and Shopping Cart

An online shopping cart is an inherent part of the total experience of Ecommerce when we consider the selling side.

Why choose over other Ecommerce development companies?

The opening up of the Information Super Highway has opened up a whole world of opportunities for modern-day business. We at with our huge experience in developing Ecommerce for diverse business lines will ensure that you and your business have harnessed the full potential of the World Wide Web for the overall growth and prosperity of your business.

We at the comprise a small but dedicated team of web developers, hackers, and other professionals who know their job extremely well. Till now our teams of experienced professionals have handled the eCommerce development activity for a host of small to medium companies who have all gained from our expertise and experience.


Be it a start-up business or an established Business which just wishes to gain more prominence, you know that we are the best.

Using the latest trends in this business and other cutting-edge technological advances, we ensure that whatever work that we do is unparallel in quality. We at firmly believe that the end-user, that is you and your business is the ultimate gainer.

At the same time, we have also kept all our operating costs to the bare minimum. We do not outsource. We do not need to. Since we are one of the pioneers in this business, others come to us for know-how. There is no flashy office, no expensive sales representative, and no extra or redundant cost that is involved.

The ultimate aim for all of this is to keep the cost of our services as low as possible so that you save that much amount when you avail of our services.

Since we have our own eCommerce business, we are well aware of how important it is to have a regular cash flow in business and the importance of cash in hand. Hence we have kept our payment terms and conditions very easy for you.

However, before making your decisions on whether or not to avail our services, we would urge you to compare the cost and quality of others in this business in your area.