Affordable SEO Services Toronto

Affordable SEO Services Toronto

We take pride in offering tailor-made packages that cater to all types of business needs and price ranges, as we know every enterprise has its specific requirements. Our bespoke SEO services are extremely competitive and are guaranteed to provide your business with real value for money.

Introductory SEO Package

We know that start-ups and small businesses do not have the budget to go full-on with their SEO campaigns but deserve the best service all the same. Naturally, we offer a low-cost introductory SEO package that is affordable for businesses with smaller resources. This start-up package gets your website up and running in no time and prepares you with a list of relevant search terms that you must target for better results. Should you choose to continue with us, we will update your website every month and boost its rankings in the major search engines.

Business SEO Package

Undoubtedly our most popular package is chosen by established businesses who wish to target more keywords and enjoy greater results in search engine results. This involves on our part:

Keyword research – Our SEO team sniffs out the most relevant search terms that would drive the maximum traffic to your website.

Competitor analysis – We take account of the strength and weaknesses of websites that can offer you the closest competition and form and analysis accordingly.

Redesigning your website – Based on the keywords and competitor status, Our Web Developers may choose to redesign various features of your website content and design to make it friendlier to Google and the other search engines, ultimately increasing your conversion rate.

Link building – Our internet marketing specialists look for the most relevant and reputed inbound links for your websites and improve on these aspects. Link development and baiting are integral parts of this package.

SEO audit – We provide your website with an SEO audit to check its performance on the World Wide Web.

Regular updates – We generate fresh content and build inbound links every month to help you secure high Google rankings for the most relevant keywords for your business.

Affordable SEO Services Toronto

We Offer the Following SEO Packages

Corporate SEO Package

Our priciest package, yet economical when compared to our competition, is targeted at large companies that gun for a large number of search terms or the most competitive phrases. It includes all the standard services of our business package and also lets us target a huge number of ambitious terms, which requires us to spend a lot of time each month to boost your website rankings.

The cost of each of these packages includes maintenance charges and necessary updates for your website. website design Ireland our sister company in Ireland is now offering special discounts to its customers in Ireland.

Flexible SEO Package

We realize that your specific needs may not be met by our standard packages; so we have developed this flexible option for clients with a specific budget or those who would like to pay for SEO costs on a one-off basis. In such cases, we can give a free quote as per your specific business needs. You can contact us for a special quote at

If you prefer a standard cost, choose from the popular packages that we have on offer.

El Cheapo
Just getting your feet wet?

3 keyword terms

+ Onsite SEO consulting

Backlink reporting


Let’s Go!


Average Joe
Most popular SEO package!

6 keyword terms

+ Onsite SEO consulting

Backlink reporting


Let’s Go!


Perfect for small business.

12+keyword terms

+ Onsite SEO consulting

Backlink reporting


Let’s Go!

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